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Allsafe Security Solutions

Designed for deployment in all environments available in the software development and delivery market, at its core, Allsafe Security Solutions is everything about DevOps security automation and industry first solution to secure cloud and DevOps environments and cocoons it from any foreign elements.

Allsafe Security Solutions deliver key capabilities across virtualized and cloud environments of all nature with industry leading enterprise grade security solutions for the servers to host your web applications 24/7.

Today, software delivery pipeline is becoming ever competitive with rapid improvements and innovations in development of high quality products as well as delivery of superior grade services. At the same time, the business environment demands faster delivery time to ensure greater time to market. This is made possible through the use of DevOps methodologies; Allsafe DevOps Solutions focuses on rapid, continuous development, integration, delivery and deployment; in addition, Allsafe Security Solution is fundamentally designed with DevOps’ security in mind.

Allsafe Security Solutions: Built for Security and Designed for Agility

While Allsafe DevOps Solutions promises efficient high-quality software products and shortened release cycles; Allsafe Security Solutions ensures security and compliance across development and delivery environment 24/7, which includes:

In addition, tones of other aspects of DevOps compounds these risks; for instance, DevOps usually requires to grant administrative access not only to cross functional teams, but also to configuration management and orchestration systems.

Allsafe Security Solutions delivers key capabilities across all virtualized and cloud environments, including:

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