Allsafe Private Cloud

Embrace the Power of Allsafe Private Cloud

Cloud-based DevOps services are scalable, provides virtualized enterprise grade solutions, comes with elastic infrastructures and ensures robust services. Allsafe DevOps Solutions’ private cloud platform offers limitless potentials and deliverability to its customers with all round data security capabilities backed by industry leading Allsafe Security Solutions.

Traditionally, large enterprise and government led organizations opts for private cloud-based solutions to maintain high standards for security, privacy, and cost management, while transforming their operations into a dynamic, flexible environment.

However, the market has been transforming rapidly and both small & large organisations are increasingly opting for private cloud-based solutions. In this way, companies are looking forward to maximize their existing infrastructure while boosting the number of users it can support on a system designed to fit the company's needs. In such a scenario, Allsafe private cloud solutions ensures a clear ownership.

Make Your Private Cloud DevOps Ready with Allsafe Cloud Solutions

Allsafe Private Cloud Solutions offers an infinite amount of flexible infrastructure. Unlike the traditional application development, testing and security cycles. Today customers are looking at combinations of ubiquitous cloud deployments and massive mobile adoption with significantly reduced time to create, iterate and deploy new applications. Adoption of Allsafe DevOps Solutions based on private cloud platform is the ultimate answer to it.

What Allsafe Private Cloud Platform Will Ensure?

While some private clouds offer a unique mix of resource stability and security, not all development environments are naturally setup to accommodate the speed and agility of DevOps. This is where Allsafe private cloud steps in. Allsafe Private Cloud Solutions ensures that all development environments are tied into a dedicated private cloud offering that provides high availability and reliability required by constant software testing and iteration with the power of customization and controllability.

Allsafe DevOps principles and practices provide the foundational capabilities that make it possible for organizations to make the best use of cloud-based computing and to address and mitigate the inherent risks associated with computing in the cloud. Further it enhances collaboration among all stakeholders including the development, operations, QA, testing, information security, and the service provider's own internal support structure.

Allsafe Private Cloud Advantage